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“Understanding the Changing Landscape of Federal Agency Authority: How the U.S. Supreme Court is Impacting the Rights of Individuals and Companies”

By Ryan Ellis | June 26, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down a decision in a case that has important implications for how federal agencies can regulate businesses. The case, Georgia-Pacific West, Inc. v. Environmental Protection Agency, involved the EPA’s attempt to regulate a company’s process for disposing of certain hazardous waste. The company challenged the EPA’s authority to regulate […]

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“How to Gracefully Maintain Distance From a Former Boss: Advice From Ask a Manager”

By Ryan Ellis | June 19, 2023

My Former Boss Won’t Leave Me Alone It’s a common predicament: you leave a particular job and your former boss won’t stop making contact. The situation can be awkward, uncomfortable, and even downright annoying. It’s not often easy to know when and how to handle a situation like this, especially if you don’t want to […]

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“211,000 Americans File for Unemployment Benefits: A Look at What to Expect in the Labor Market”

By Ryan Ellis | June 12, 2023

Weekly Jobless Claims Rise: What Employers Need to Know The news of a 21,000-person increase in workers filing for new unemployment benefits during the week ending Mar. 4 is disheartening and concerning. For the past seven weeks, initial jobless claims had remained below 200,000, and this week’s increase signals a potential shift in the labor […]

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“Answering Common Work Questions: Practical, Down-to-Earth Advice from Ask a Manager’s Alison Green”

By Ryan Ellis | May 29, 2023
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“Open Thread – May 26-27, 2023” Welcome to the Friday Open Thread! My name is Alison Green, and I’m an experienced HR professional with years of experience in the field. On this blog post, I’m offering an open forum for discussion and advice on any work-related questions you may have. This is a perfect opportunity […]

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“Weird Requests in the Workplace: What Are the Boundaries When It Comes to Spouse Participation, Trading Policies, and Quarantine Advice?” by Alison Green on Ask a Manager

By Ryan Ellis | May 22, 2023
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As part of your job as a Human Resources executive, you often come across situations which can be difficult to navigate both from a legal and personal perspective. This blog post is devoted to discussing the delicate subject of having one’s partner undergo a background check for your work assignment and answering related questions. We […]

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