“Employee Unity: How to Combat Divisive Thinking in the Workplace”

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Randstad’s Chief Equity Officer, Audra Jenkins, has been a trailblazer in the staffing industry for over 25 years. Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion has earned her admiration from colleagues, peers, and leaders across the world. She is not just an inspiration, but a true embodiment of the importance of equity within our society.

In a recent interview, Audra shared her thoughts on how divisiveness is “silencing a whole generation of people” and this cannot be allowed to continue. She spoke of the need for equity in our workplaces and the importance of being proactive with respect to fostering inclusivity and diversity. Her own path to success at Randstad, a global human resources and staffing firm, is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with the right kind of determination and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Audra grew up in a poor, single-parent household and was encouraged to strive for more by her mother. Through hard work, she achieved success in college and then went on to pursue a career in human resources and staffing. While her diverse background was a challenge in her early career, she was determined to succeed and worked her way up the ladder to become the Chief Equity Officer at Randstad.

At Randstad, Audra is responsible for promoting equity and inclusion throughout the organization. She works to ensure that all employees are treated with respect, regardless of their backgrounds. Her team examines workplace policies, procedures, and practices in order to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities and access to opportunities. She also leads initiatives to recruit and retain a diverse workforce and advocates for a culture of respect in the workplace.

Audra is also passionate about supporting and advocating for people in the industry with diverse backgrounds. She works to break barriers and create opportunities for those who often feel overlooked or excluded. She feels that providing access to job training and educational resources is essential and has worked to create programs to do just that.

Audra’s commitment to equity and inclusion is evident in the way that she interacts with both colleagues and the community. She works hard to create an environment within Randstad and beyond where everyone feels welcomed and respected. Her dedication to creating a more equitable and inclusive world is inspiring and her example should be an example to us all.

At the end of the day, Audra’s message is simple: divisiveness has no place in our world. We must strive for equity and inclusion in all aspects of our lives, from our workplaces to our homes. We must create an environment where everyone is respected and appreciated, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, and identities. There is tremendous potential in our society if we work together to tackle inequities, and Audra Jenkins is at the forefront of this movement.

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